Legal Tech Software

All-in-one software that replaces all the isolated and costly tools It’s agile, intuitive, and quick to setup Legal Practice Management Solution (LPMS) Case & Matter Management Manage your Corporate Matters or Litigation Cases at every stage; add stakeholders, assign tasks, collaborate, manage related documents, set deadlines and reminders. Client Intake (CRM) Centralize all Client Data,… Continue reading Legal Tech Software

Why Your Company Needs A Digital Transformation Framework

Before I begin to tell you why we believe you need a digital transformation framework, I should probably explain to you what a digital transformation is for those that are new. Digital transformation in simplicity is the implementation of new technologies to improve internal or external factors. Internal factors are cost-driven, and external factors are… Continue reading Why Your Company Needs A Digital Transformation Framework

4 Pillars Of Digital Transformation

The COVID 19 pandemic has forced the hand of business owners and demanded that the way we work and operate businesses be revised. Data from a recent Yelp study shows that 60% of businesses on the platform have permanently closed. Business owners and managers have had to rethink their business models from top to bottom… Continue reading 4 Pillars Of Digital Transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Analytics

It’s not an exaggeration, but a demonstrable fact: artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics are transforming how business does business. From back office automation to front office transformation, from changed skills, cultures and ways of working to new go-to-market strategies and business models, AI is everywhere. When a set of technology tools can do so much… Continue reading Artificial intelligence (AI) and Analytics

Start your digital transformation with the end in mind

The nature of digital transformation has been evolving for decades. We went from turning paper into digits, to optimizing processes with software, to networking, to software as a service (SaaS), to the new digital economy. Before the pandemic, it felt like we were a few years away from a tipping point when digital transformation would… Continue reading Start your digital transformation with the end in mind

Innovating R&D with the cloud

Cloud-enabled business transformation for R&D The pandemic is often credited with helping to accelerate change, challenge the status quo, and drive innovative research and development (R&D) solutions. Organizations the world over are innovating quickly, whether it is making ventilators (largely) from car parts,1 creating contact-tracing apps,2 or investing in R&D for public health.3 But the technology infrastructure required… Continue reading Innovating R&D with the cloud