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Digital Transformation

“Don’t be fooled by some of the digital transformation buzz out there, digital transformation is a business discipline or company philosophy, not a project.”

Resolving strategic challenges in an uncertain world

 In the digital age, data and artificial intelligence are critical. Novio Group’s experts advise firms on information technology, data, and artificial intelligence. With our knowledge of large-scale systems and automation solutions, we design efficient IT infrastructures for companies of all sizes. We optimize classic business processes and introduce new technologies such as artificial intelligence. We also assist with core technology modernization and the implementation of the latest innovations.

Become a change-ready organization.

Full-Service Digital &  IT Company: Novio has established itself as a unique player in the market with skills in multiple technology disciplines. We offer everything from project management, data mining and customer analysis to IT management, modern technology systems and business process optimization. Our focus is on establishing lasting relationships with our clients that highlight their strengths and allow them to grow sustainably.

Our Geography

Headquartered in the Caribbean and operating internationally, our team drives digital transformation for businesses. We ensure on-site presence to deliver services to our major target markets in:

North America



Our Mission

Business Digitalization: We assist businesses and organizations in realizing their full potential through the use of digital technologies and a continuous integration of process/KPIs toward business excellence.

Our Vision

Become Digital Technology linchpins for Industry leaders & Gamechangers.

Our Leadership

“Building An Organization Of Change"

Our Team

Our team includes former and current CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, Technology Risk Consultants, Business Compliance, Risk Consultants, and Digital Consultants with extensive experience in their respective fields. We contribute a wealth of expertise and a broad range of knowledge from a variety of fields, including healthcare, higher education, finance, and others. 

Our Advisory Board

Whenever we approach or enter a new market, we deliberately seek out some of the most accomplished thought leaders and practitioners in their respective industries. Our leadership Advisory Board is comprised of well known university  administrators who have  been involved in numerous digital  transformation efforts and have held positions such as CIO and CISO.

We help our clients to navigate the digital terrain.

From transferring company’s data to the cloud to enabling digital operations within company, there is something for everyone. 
The Novio Group is dedicated to assisting our clients in remaining on the cutting edge of the fast-paced digital transformation.

Our CSR.

Creating a Beautiful World

With Our Love for nature and art we are doing our best where ever can to support artist globally & join initiatives to help environmental sustainability.

We Support Cup of Color

Shared Belief

-Art brings hope & transformation in communities.

-Art breaks through barriers, it communicates beyond the boundaries of languages.

-Art builds bridges to connect people, it forms ripples and provokes conversations.

-Art can bring healing as it strengthens self-esteem and confidence.