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Cloud Solutions

Delivering Complete Cloud Solutions

Cloud solution architects that can help with your cloud computing requirements.

Businesses today run on sensitive and crucial information. Simply deploying workloads on a cloud platform is insufficient to meet escalating business needs and competitive challenges. Without a reliable and configured data system, your business may encounter data loss, which can make or break your business due to costly downtime.

Cloud computing describes the on-demand availability of cloud management computing services such as networks, servers, storage, software, and security on the internet. Cloud management services offer a personalized experience to businesses that can be designed to fit their exact needs with all the necessary tools in a single, secure place. 

Cloud Consulting

We offer consulting services to support and plan your future IT expenditure.


Cloud Migration

We help with cloud planning, deployment, and setup, guaranteed your mission-critical apps are in a robust infrastructure.

Cloud Integration

Move to the cloud seamlessly with the help of cloud experts, guiding you from start to finish.

Cloud Data Backup

Assure data safety and access through regular backups and faster recovery in your cloud applications and systems.

Cloud Security

Using encryption, regular backups, MFA, and more, we can protect your most sensitive data in a secure place.

Infrastructure Management

We offer infrastructure management that will check for any issues, even when you’re off the clock.

Cloud Compliance

Our services will ensure you are in compliance with regulatory cloud standards within the bounds of the law.

Cloud Optimization

We optimize app performance, cloud infrastructure design, and costs—all led by certified cloud architects.

Are you looking for the right technology business partner ?

From Small to medium to Enterprise we consult & execute the solutions

Application Development

Services to help you build & and solve your complex ideas

Microsoft - Security

Services to evaluate your systems for security risk and inefficiency operation.

Technology Integration

Need to control multiple systems together. We have API experts to help you intergrate you favourite softwares for ease of management.

Risk Auditing and Assurance

Technology helping business but we must ensure that it is secured.


We assist you in setting up analyzing data points of your business.

Cyber Security

We don't just make plans we strategize.

Crisis Management

Graphic | Video | Illustrations
Graphic Work from Brand design, print to digital media.

Penetration Testing

Web design from a simple freelance portfolio to e-commerce to Corporate websites

Cloud Solution Partners

We’re better, together. We work with world’s leading technology brands to increase scale, speed and quality—building upon their foundation.

Digital Disruption Partners

Strategic Opportunities require targeted solutions.  We’ve studied the market for strategic alliances to ensure our clients have access to the most innovative platforms and forward-thinking organizations.

Cyber & Security Assurance Partners

Protect smarter. Move faster. Learn more.

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We Are Experts In Digital Adoption and Transformation

From migrating companies data to the cloud to enabling digital operation within a company. Novio Group is Committed to helping our clients be on the cutting edge  of the fast pace digital revolution.