IT Solutions By Industries

Distinctive solutions to all the areas of a business across different industries.

Our firm footing on technology and customization allows us to provide services across different industries. Uncover the opportunities to work smarter; Our solutions will help you solve your industry’s most complex challenges. We facilitate distinctive solutions to all the areas of a business. Offering the right mix of experience, expertise, and resources to turn your challenges into opportunities. Wisely choose a software development partner that understands your business and knows the realities for the same. We cultivate innovation across various industries from Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Telecommunication, E-commerce, and Hospitality.


We are a top-rated software development company focused on creative and result-driven solutions.


Leveraging next-gen technologies to develop industry-leading scalable digital solutions for transformational customer experiences. With over 9 years of expertise in building a wide range of custom software, we have helped numerous industries unlock new value, build trust and bring transparency across their businesses. Gain value from our software development solutions tailored to your end-users needs and your business strategy.

Legal Practice Management Solution

Everything Legal teams need to manage cases, clients, matters, tasks, documents and much more.

Manage all Corporate Matters or Litigation Cases at every stage in a smart and agile central software workspace, where users can collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, keep track of legal deadlines and automate reminders sent as emails or notifications.

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Retail Industry

As consumer demands evolve, consumer products and retail companies must find the right balance between success today and growth tomorrow.

A precise software solution that improves customer experience, client database and, of course, back-office operations. Providing customized solutions to business models, maximizing sales, and building a solid market reputation.

With our retail software development, you will get:

  • Increased sales
  • Brand loyalty 
  • Supply chain Management 
  • Improved statistics 
  • Data Safety
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Hospitality Industry

We are dedicated to assisting our clients in overcoming obstacles such as business expansion and the use of modern technology to reinvent their businesses.

We help them gain a competitive edge through convenient booking methods, client management with all the necessary information before they arrive, inventory management, payroll management for different shifts and branches, follow up with them to create lasting customer relationships


With the increased penetration of mobile devices, we have developed an on-demand reliable companion for the hospitality industry. We’ll pay attention to your needs ask probing questions, and offer effective advice. Customers can manage client database, sales, inventory, payroll, expenses, training, and many more

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Manufacturing Industry

For manufacturing organizations, we design and develop sepecialized software to help them take advantage of responsive manufacturing, industrial automation, effective production planning, and remote asset management.

Automate for greater efficiency

To achieve the maximum levels of productivity, automate production processes with specialized manufacturing apps

Improve information flow

With solution tailored to your needs, you may improve the flow of your information and, as a result, the cooperation across departments.

Reduce operational cost

Use new technologies, including machine learning, computer vision, blockchain and IoT, to cut operational cost.

Production Planning & Reporting Solutions

To assist manufacturing organizations in transforming production operations, capacity planning, and scheduling, we develop production planning and reporting systems.

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Telecommunication Industry​

In today’s world, everything and everyone can seamlessly connect and share information. We at Novio Group have developed software that can ease the operation/ process of such companies

Telecom is a vast industry. It consists of cable companies, internet service providers, satellite companies and telephone companies. Everyone is aware of the importance of this industry as it satisfies the basic need for communication. In today’s world, everything and everyone can seamlessly connect and share information.  Everything can be done on a single platform: project management, material management, payroll management, expense tracking, and order management. From tower installation to bill management, every small thing is managed.


A user-friendly system dedicated to helping customer service representatives build unique and personalized customer relations. The best thing about the software is it makes life easier for users.

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HealthCare Industry​

Creating healthcare solutions for better services. We work with healthcare institutions to help them implement cutting-edge digital health practices. 

We help build digital products that address the needs of businesses and patients. We provide IT consulting and healthcare app development services to help businesses adopt mobile, desktop, and cloud-based medical software and applications. We lead organizations to fundamentally change how they deliver healthcare solutions and shape digital healthcare consumerism with our digital services.

The Healthcare Application Development Industry has a lot to offer, such as it

  • Boost health monitoring in remote locations
  • Hassle-free & real-time communication
  • Easier health monitoring
  • Custom design remedies
  • Efficient & secure data management 
  • Cost-effective
  • Accurate patient
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E-Commerce Industry​

We are developing eye catching websites for e-commerce brands. We create an attractive design and keep your customers’ needs in focus. 

A website needs to be more than just impressive at the surface level. Thanks to our user-centric design approach, every touchpoint of a website is appropriately thought out. A data-first strategy helps in increasing revenue. Our approach begins by understanding your clients as well as their motivations, barriers to purchasing, and the way they interact on your website.

We offer online commerce solutions that are scalable across all electronic platforms. Leveraging our experience in top-notch quality design and development, the team is motivated to build projects to promote online shopping to B2B and B2C ventures so that they can sell their best products on the right platforms.

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